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Why us

The best early learning experience

Rex Genus pre-school is a warm and inviting home for our young and growing princesses and princes. We run a family-friendly system, where our Parents are welcome at any time and a place where children can learn and grow. We cater for children from the age of 3months to 5years and adopt the Montessori, British and Nigerian teaching methodology.

We offer a wide variety of fun and educating activities which expand our children's developing and curious mind. The foundation is important and we invest all the required time and energy to ensure it is solid enough for future learning. Our teachers are caring and trained to handle all children irrespective of personality type.

Subjects offered in the Preschool includes: Letter work Number work Bible stories Creative Art Coloring Rhymes Handwriting Health Habits Elementary Science Language development Social Studies IQ Development Story Telling Speech transition ICT French Nig Lang

Holistic approach

In a holistic approach, our teachers not only focus on academic achievement but also on the personal growth and development of the learners. They encourage learners to develop critical thinking skills, creativity, and self-awareness, which are essential for success in all areas of life.

Passionate teachers

Our passionate teachers brings energy and enthusiasm into the classroom, making learning an exciting and engaging experience.

Supervision to keep children

Supervision of pupils in our school is a critical aspect of maintaining a safe and productive learning environment. It is the responsibility of all staff members to ensure that students are properly supervised at all times, both inside and outside of the classroom.



The Infant class teaches and supports children from nursery through to year 2. Your child will explore many areas of learning during our classes which are all linked to the EYFS government guidance. We want your babies & toddlers to love learning, explore mark making and hopefully become confident writers once they reach school age.



Inspire your preschooler to explore the world around them with these hands-on preschool activities designed to engage and excite the littlest learners.


Grader (Primary or Elementary)

RESPECT, EQUALITY, COURAGE, KINDNESS · Children actively learn about our school values - how to show them and how to expect to receive them. · We run blended curriculum