Welcome to Rex Genus school website! We are a dedicated and passionate community of educators, students, and families working together to provide a nurturing and challenging learning environment for all.


Rex Genus school is committed to fostering a love of learning, promoting academic excellence, and developing the whole child. We strive to create a safe and inclusive atmosphere where every student feels valued and supported.


Our dedicated staff are experienced, caring, and innovative professionals who are committed to providing the highest quality education for our students. We offer a rigorous and engaging curriculum that encourages critical thinking, creativity, and collaboration.


In addition to our strong academic program, we provide a variety of extracurricular activities and opportunities for students to explore their interests, develop new skills, and build lasting friendships.


We believe in the importance of strong partnerships between home and school, and we encourage open communication and collaboration with families to support the success of every student.


Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about our school. We invite you to explore the resources and information available here, and we look forward to welcoming you to our school community.

Our Vision

We envision Rex Genus School as a vehicle of educational development, through which it will make its own humble contribution towards nudging up literacy level and standard in its immediate community and our nation in general.

Our Mission

The mission of Rex Genus School is to provide excellent and qualitative educational services to our pupils, in a friendly environment using qualified and experienced resource persons, with appropriate technology.

Our Motto

The motto of Rex Genus School is ‚ÄúDiscipline, Hardwork and Integrity.‚ÄĚ


  1. To fulfil the School’s vision by developing each child as:
    • An Individual
    • A contributor to Society
    • A contributor to the economy and environment
  2. To develop in each cild the following skills:
    • Communication
    • ICT and Mathematics thinking skills
    • Managing information, problem solving and decision-making
    • Being creative, working with others and self-management.
  3. To foster the following attitudes and values:
    • Personal Responsilbity
    • Self-confidence
    • Tolerance and respect for others
    • Commitment, determination and resourcefulness
    • Community spirit
    • Integrity
    • Independence
    • Openness to new ideas
  4. Ultimately to provide stimulating, relevant and enriching learning experiences with equality of access for each child so they may develop enthusiasm for learning as a lifelong process.